Committed to ending education-disparity through

AI and Gamebased learning

We can and must do more to get more low-income students prepared for college.

KenectEd is the first-ever learning management system built to empower students to achieve higher education by improving test scores through a combination of Artificial Intelligence and game-based learning.

Built using methods to help improve subject comprehension and higher test scores such as
Common CoreNWEA

Benefits of KenectEd

Combining the latest technology to improve the learning experience

Teach to the Standards

Kenect quizzes are adaptable to all States Standard Initiatives, including Common Core, for grade K-12

Empowered Users

Kenect enables teachers, administrators, and parents to partake on improving the students' quality of learning

Real-time Data Monitoring

Kenect helps teachers, administrators, and parents to identify and take actions on aspects of a student's performance that need to be addressed.

Advanced Data Filtering

Kenect provides users a way to view and analyze the student's performance in several criteria in effort to allow a right decision.

Customizable Assessment

Because of Kenect values student's many learning styles, quizzes can be delivered in text, images, audio, and video.

Assessment Sharing

Kenect quizzes and questions can be shared within the school circle and can be regulated by the school administration to guarantee student learning.

New Leaning Experience

Engaged students with different learning styles with Kenect's assessment options that are easy to create, modify, and develop more efficient quizzes and exams.

Learning Resources

Teachers can include additional learning resources in their quizzes to help students and parents learn more about the subject.

Kenect builds simple tools for your students to learn anything, from anywhere.

Kenect's main goal is to create an environment where natural learning can take place by providing the necessary tools for students to learn.

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For Students

With Kenect's variety of learning style options, students can now be the pioneers in the new and higher level of learning that would boost their opportunity to succeed in college and career readiness.

Kenect interface was designed to be student-centric.

Student can quickly review their quizzes after taking them.

Access to additional resource to help student ace the test.

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For Teachers and Instructors

To give exceptional learning opportunities, teachers can now innovate their assessments with a variety of options and understand their students' needs and interests through a comprehensive dashboard to align them with their students' learning styles.

Choose variety of options how their assessment can be taken.

Use readily-made quizzes and questions from the school's database.

Monitor the performance of your assigned classes, subjects, or students.

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For School Administrators

School district superintendents and principals now have the power to make real-time decisions about their instructional programs in order for them to meet the needs of their teachers and students while exceeding the state academic standards.

Monitor performance by schools, classes, subjects, or students.

Regulate instructional materials distributed by schools and teachers.

Conveniently add or manage account users and user groups.

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For Parents and Guardians

Parents and guardians now have access to their children's performance data, allowing them to monitor and actively engage in their children's academic progress.

Discover what tests their children will take in the future.

Know what subjects they can assist their children with.

Review quiz details with their children to show them how to answer it.

KenectEd is built to help students and thier communities.

In today's rapidly changing world, our educational system must constantly evolve to ensure our students have a diverse set of skills for the new and transforming economic landscape.

More than 30 million children
are growing up in poverty in the US alone
% of young adults without a
high school diploma live in poverty

Prepare students for the test itself

Learn how Kenect can help your students be prepared and always ready for their test.

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Provide student with incentives

Encourage students to study for their exams through Kenect's reward system.

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Leverage Your Data!

Find out how Kenect's data may help you make better decisions for your schools.

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We dont' have all the answers

But if you're looking for a place to find answers to your questions about KenectEd, see below.

What is KenectEd ?

KenectEd is a versatile and insightful formative assessment tool that allows teachers and school administrators to evaluate and motivate their students with fun and engaging quizzes while gaining insightful feedback about their learning progress.

Teachers can quiz their students in either an individual or group Kahoot-like setting and map each question to any assessment test criteria.  After each quiz, school administrators of all levels can monitor each student's progress, classroom, grade, school, and district through charts and reports to provide ongoing feedback to help students identify their strengths and weaknesses and target areas that need work.

The results are also accessible to the students and their parents/guardians with links to instructions or videos on how to solve each problem.  This allows everyone to recognize where each student may be struggling and address areas for improvement immediately

Can KenectEd be used to prepare my students for our state standardized tests?

Yes, Kenect can be adapted to provide assessments for any standardized test in any state.

Can KenectEd run on an iPad or Chromebook?

Yes, Kenect has been thoughtfully designed to work on any tablet, laptop, or desktop.

Can KenectEd integrate with Google Classroom?

Yes,  Connect runs seamlessly with Google classroom and allows teachers and administrators to map each student to classrooms or groups easily.

How much does KenectEd cost?

The KenectEd is free of cost to underprivledge communities but is avalable to everyone. If your class or school is not in an underprivledge community, Kenect has flexible pricing models to accommodate your needs.  Contact us for pricing and access to an interactive demo.

Let's double the # of low-income students that enter college by 2029.

We plan to do that through our innovative learning management platform that combines elements of Artificial Intelligence and game-based learning.